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Since Mattel is the company who made the Intellivision game system, it's just logical that the company would host the most games. This lists includes the games made by INTV, which took over for Mattel towards the end of the Intellivision life. These games are much harder to come by and have fewer variations. Many of them did not have overlays made. Below is a link which shows the major differences in the cartridge itself, not the labels. Please understand what you are looking for if you collect variations.

Mattel Cartridge Variations

Mattel Box Variations

ABPA Backgammon

ABPA Backgammon Cartridges

ABPA Backgammon Overlays

ABPA Backgammon Boxes

Advanced D&D

Advanced D&D Cartridges

Advanced D&D Overlays

Advanced D&D Boxes

Advanced D&D: ToT

Advanced D&D ToT Cartridges

Advanced D&D ToT Overlays

Advanced D&D ToT Boxes

Armor Battle

Armor Battle Cartridges

Armor Battle Overlays

Armor Battle Boxes


Astrosmash Cartridges

Astrosmash Overlays

Astrosmash Boxes

Auto Racing

Auto Racing Cartridges

Auto Racing Overlays

Auto Racing Boxes

B-17 Bomber

B-17 Bomber Cartridges

B-17 Bomber Overlays

B-17 Bomber Boxes

Body Slam SP Wrestling      
Bomb Squad      
Bump 'n' Jump      
Buzz Bombers      
Chip Shot SP Golf      
Conversational French      
Demonstration Cart      
Dig Dug      
Frog Bog      
Horse Racing      
Hover Force      
Jetson's Way with Words      
Kool Aid Man      
LV Poker & Blackjack      
Las Vegas Roulette      
Learning Fun I      
Learning Fun II      
Lock 'n' Chase      
Major League Baseball      
MotU: Power of He-Man      
Math Fun, Electric Co.      
Melody Blaster      
Mind Strike      
Mission X      
Mountain Madness SP Skiing      
Mr. Basic Meets Bits 'n' Bytes      
NASL Soccer      
NBA Basketball      
NFL Football      
NHL Hockey      
Night Stalker      
PBA Bowling      
PGA Golf      
Pole Position      
Royal Dealer      
Scooby Doo Maze Chase      
Sea Battle      
Shark! Shark!      
Sharp Shot      
Slam Dunk SP Basketball      
Slap Shot SP Hockey      
Space Armada      
Space Battle      
Space Hawk      
Space Spartans      
Spiker! SP Volleyball      
Stadium Mud Buggies      
Star Strike      
Sub Hunt      
Super Pro Decathlon      
Super Pro Football      
Thin Ice      
Thunder Castle      
Tower of Doom      
Triple Action      
Triple Challenge      
Tron Deadly Discs      
Tron Maze-A-Tron      
Tron Solar Sailor      
US Ski Team Skiing      
USCF Chess      
Word Fun, Electric Co.      
World Championship Baseball      
World Series ML Baseball