Mattel Box Variations
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Mattel Box Variations

Besides normal box variations when it comes to where a box is printed, or how many languages it has, I discovered a physical variation with the box that seems to have no other differences.


We are referencing the slit where the manual and overlays fit. This first scan below shows what I call the “small” slit. The opening is 3/8” tall as shown with the designated arrows. The second scan, which shows the “large” slit has an opening of 3/4”tall, again as shown with the designated arrows.

Cartridge Insert Area:

Besides the slit variation, there is also the cartridge insert area variation. There is a small variation when it comes to where the cartridge is inserted in the box. The first one is the plastic tray, shown in the top photo. The second photo shows the plastic tray removed. Notice the extra cutout parts on the left and right sides so the tray can sit perfectly. When Mattel decided to cut costs and remove the plastic tray altogether, they changed the area where the cartridge goes. They cut the area differently, whereas now the extra cutout parts are above and below.