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Imagic Games

Imagic had some of the most memorable games with high quality graphics and game play. They are famous for their silver labels and boxes. Activision later re-released some of their games.

Imagic Label Variations


Atlantis Cartridges

  Atlantis Boxes
Cosmic Ark

Cosmic Ark Cartridges

  Cosmic Ark Boxes
Demon Attack

Demon Attack Cartridges

  Demon Attack Boxes

Dragonfire Cartridges

  Dragonfire Boxes

Fathom Cartridges

  Fathom Boxes
Fire Fighter

Fire Fighter Cartridges

  Fire Fighter Boxes
Laser Gates

Laser Gates Cartridges

  Laser Gates Boxes

Moonsweeper Cartridges

  Moonsweeper Boxes
No Escape!

No Escape! Cartridges

  No Escape Boxes
Quick Step

Quick Step Cartridges

  Quick Step Boxes
Riddle of the Sphinx

Riddle of the Sphinx Cartridges

  Riddle of the Sphinx Boxes
Shootin' Gallery

Shootin' Gallery Cartridges

  Shootin' Gallery Boxes
Solar Storm

Solar Storm Cartridges

  Solar Storm Boxes
Star Voyager

Star Voyager Cartridges

  Star Voyager Boxes

Subterranea Cartridges

  Subterranea Boxes
Trick Shot

Trick Shot Cartridges

  Trick Shot Boxes
Wing War

Wing War Cartridges

  Wing War Boxes