Cosmic Ark Cartridges
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Cosmic Ark Cartridges

version a)* C          ©1982, silver picture label, 720104-1 Rev A, 1982 entirely to the right of the picture

version b)* R          ©1982, silver picture label, 720104-1 Rev A, right edge of picture is in the middle of 1982

version c)* R          ©1982, silver text label, “use with…” in orange stripe, 720104-1B

version d)* R          ©1982, silver text label, “use with...” in 5 languages, 720104-2 Rev A

version e)* R          ©1982, white label with black text, similar to blue Activision labels, EIX-008-04I, titled misspelled “Cosmic Arc”