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Xonox Games

Xonox is a 3rd party company that had an innovative idea. They released cartridges with 2 games, one on each end called a Double-Ender. Games were decent to play, with some cool titles. Chuck Norris had a game created based on his Kung-Fu populatiry. There were also games based on legends Robin Hood and Sir Lancelot. Artillery Duel was cool in the fact that you used mathematics to shoot cannons at various angles. A few of the games are common, and can be had for $8-15. These are double ended cartridges. The rarest cartridges to be had for the most part are the games released as single cartridges. There are only 8 different games released by Xonox, but there are a combination of 17 cartridges in either single or double ended form. From a player standpoint, you should be able to acquire a copy of the game for under $25, though particular single or combination cartridges may run up to $100 or so. There were cartridge color variations on some of the games, either plastic was grey or black. See individual listings for variations. 

General Xonox Variations

Artillery Duel      
Artillery Duel / Chuck Norris      
Artillery Duel / Ghost Manor      
Artillery Duel / Spike's Peak      
Chuck Norris Superkicks      
Chuck Norris / Ghost Manor      
Chuck Norris / Spike's Peak      
Ghost Manor      
Ghost Manor / Spike's Peak      
Motocross Racer      
Motocross Racer / Tomarc      
Robin Hood      
Robin Hood / Sir Lancelot      
Robin Hood / Super Kung-Fu      
Sir Lancelot      
Spike's Peak      
Tomarc the Barbarian