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Starpath Games

Starpath is a third party company that created an innovative idea. To have games with more memory and better graphics, they created games on cassette tapes instead of chips in cartridges. Through an interface that plugged into the cartridge slot called the Supercharger, a wire plugged into a tape player and the game was loaded that way. There were a total of 12 Starpath cassette games. The last few released are extremely hard to find, and a couple were sold in baggies instead of boxes. Starpath created a Frogger version with much better graphics than the Parker Bros. version.

Communist Mutants from Space      
Escape from the Mindmaster      
Frogger, The Official      
Killer Satellites      
Party Mix      
Phaser Patrol      
Rabbit Transit      
Suicide Mission      
Survival Island      
Sword of Saros