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M Network Games

M Network was known for great sports games with high quality graphics and great 2 player action. They were also popular with the Tron series, He-Man Masters of the Universe game from the cartoon, and the Kool-Aid Man mailaway game. Mattel converted many of their Intellivision games to Atari under the M Network logo. Later the company became INTV and changed their black labels with blue lettering to white, many times dropping the full title of the game for a shortened one. There are many variations with M Network games. Not only with the label itself, but the cartridge mold and copyright notice. There are 9 different mold variations, which are sometimes hard to distinguish. We have provide the link below to help you identify which cartridge mold version you may have.

M Network Label Variations

M Network Mold Variations

Adventures of Tron

Adventures of Tron Cartridges

Adventures of Tron Manuals

Adventures of Tron Boxes

Air Raiders

Air Raiders Cartridges

Air Raiders Manuals

Air Raiders Boxes

Armor Ambush

Armor Ambush Cartridges

Armor Ambush Manuals

Armor Ambush Boxes


Astroblast Cartridges

Astroblast Manuals

Astroblast Boxes

Bump 'n' Jump

Bump 'n' Jump Cartridges

Bump 'n' Jump Manuals

Bump 'n' Jump Boxes


Burgertime Cartridges

Burgertime Manuals

Burgertime Boxes

Dark Cavern

Dark Cavern Cartridges

Dark Cavern Manuals

Dark Cavern Boxes

Frogs and Flies

Frogs and Flies Cartridges

Frogs and Flies Manuals

Frogs and Flies Boxes

International Soccer

International Soccer Cartridges

International Soccer Manuals

International Soccer Boxes

Kool-Aid Man

Kool-Aid Man Cartridges

Kool-Aid Man Manuals

Kool-Aid Man Boxes

Lock 'N' Chase

Lock 'N' Chase Cartridges

Lock 'N' Chase Manuals

Lock 'N' Chase Boxes

Masters of the Universe: TPoHM

Masters of the Universe Cartridges

Masters of the Universe Manuals

Masters of the Universe Boxes

Space Attack

Space Attack Cartridges

Space Attack Manuals

Space Attack Boxes

Star Strike

Star Strike Cartridges

Star Strike Manuals

Star Strike Boxes

Super Challenge Baseball

Super Challenge Baseball Cartridges

Super Challenge Baseball Manuals

Super Challenge Baseball Boxes

Super Challenge Football

Super Challenge Football Cartridges

Super Challenge Football Manuals

Super Challenge Football Boxes

Tron Deadly Discs

Tron Deadly Discs Cartridges

Tron Deadly Discs Manuals

Tron Deadly Discs Boxes