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Coleco Games

Coleco released some of the best arcade classics, though the quality of play and graphics is something to be desired. The Colecovision versions of some of the same games that were released for the 2600 are much, much better. The two key rare games by Coleco are Berenstain Bears and Smurfs Saves the Day. Both of these use a tape player called the Kid Vid to load games from a cassette, but they also have a cartridge. Variations with Coleco also include mold variations which are explained in the link below.

General Coleco Variations

Berenstain Bears

Berenstain Bears Cartridges


Berenstain Bears Boxes


Carnival Cartridges


Carnival Boxes

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Cartridges


Donkey Kong Boxes

Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong Jr. Cartridges


Donkey Kong Jr. Boxes

Front Line

Front Line Cartridges


Front Line Boxes

Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap Cartridges


Mouse Trap Boxes

Mr. Do!

Mr. Do! Cartridges


Mr. Do! Boxes

Roc 'n Rope

Roc'N Rope Cartridges


Roc'N Rope Boxes

Smurf: RiGC

Smurf: RiGC Cartridges


Smurf: RiGC Boxes

Smurfs Save the Day

Smurfs Save the Day Cartridges


Smurfs Save the Day Boxes

Time Pilot

Time Pilot Cartridges


Time Pilot Boxes


Venture Cartridges


Venture Boxes


Zaxxon Cartridges

Zaxxon Manuals

Zaxxon Boxes