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CBS Games

CBS Games, also know as CBS Electronics had several titles they released in the US under their own company. They also released many of the Coleco titles in foreign countries under the CBS Electronics name. We've included all games with the CBS Games and CBS Electronics company logo here. Most notable variations besides different languages are various product numbers and different cartridge mold color. Confusing variations will be pointed out under individual titles.


Blueprint Cartridges

Blueprint Boxes


Carnival Cartridges

Carnival Boxes

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Cartridges

Donkey Kong Boxes

Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong Jr. Cartridges

Donkey Kong Jr. Boxes


Gorf Cartridges

Gorf Boxes

Mountain King

Mountain King Cartridges

Mountain King Boxes

Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap Cartridges

Mouse Trap Boxes

Mr. Do!

Mr. Do! Cartridges

Mr. Do! Boxes

Omega Race

Omega Race Cartridges

Omega Race Boxes

Roc 'n Rope

Roc 'n Rope Cartridges

Roc 'n Rope Boxes

Smurf: RiGC

Smurf: RiGC Cartridges

Smurf: RiGC Boxes

Solar Fox

Solar Fox Cartridges

Solar Fox Boxes

Tunnel Runner

Tunnel Runner Cartridges

Tunnel Runner Boxes


Venture Cartridges

Venture Boxes

Wizard of Wor

Wizard of Wor Cartridges

Wizard of Wor Boxes


Zaxxon Cartridges

Zaxxon Boxes