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Apollo Games

There were a decent number of Apollo released games. Lochjaw is the rarer named version of Shark Attack. There is a monogrammed version of Spacechase that is extremely rare, and can only be found by firing up the game. There is a cartridge variation for the GAMES BY APOLLO molded on the back. Where “GAMES BY” is .85” long and “APOLLO” is 1.6” long, this is considered small molded letters. “GAMES BY” is 1” long and “APOLLO” is 1.8” long, this is considered large molded letters. There is also a variation on the 2 posts that go into the Atari unit. A notched post has a semi-circular notch in it, and a square post is perfect with no notch in it. See "General Apollo Variations" link below.

General Apollo Variations

Final Approach

Final Approach Cartridges

Final Approach Manuals

Final Approach Boxes


Guardian Cartridges

Guardian Manuals

Guardian Boxes


Infiltrate Cartridges

Infiltrate Manuals

Infiltrate Boxes


Lochjaw Cartridges

Lochjaw Manuals

Lochjaw Boxes

Lost Luggage

Lost Luggage Cartridges

Lost Luggage Manuals

Lost Luggage Boxes


Racquetball Cartridges

Racquetball Manuals

Racquetball Boxes

Shark Attack

Shark Attack Cartridges

Shark Attack Manuals

Shark Attack Boxes

Skeet Shoot

Skeet Shoot Cartridges

Skeet Shoot Manuals

Skeet Shoot Boxes

Space Cavern

Space Cavern Cartridges

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Space Cavern Boxes


Spacechase Cartridges

Spacechase Manuals

Spacechase Boxes


Wabbit Cartridges

Wabbit Manuals

Wabbit Boxes