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Spectravision Games

Spectravision, also known under Spectravideo, is an obscure third party company. There are a total of 11 games made by Spectravision including Chase the Chuckwagon which was a mail away from Ralston Purina based on the dog food and is difficult to find, along with China Syndrome based on the movie. Several games are rather common and can be found for a few dollars, but harder titles like Bumper Bash, Gas Hog, and especially Mangia' and Master Builder will set you back some. PAL versions of these harder to find games are more common, so be careful when purchasing online to make sure your copy is NTSC if that is what you seek.

Bumper Bash      
Challenge of... Nexar, The      
Chase the Chuckwagon      
China Syndrome      
Cross Force      
Gangster Alley      
Gas Hog      
Master Builder      
Planet Patrol      
Tape Worm