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Sears Games

Sears game cartridges are the same games as Atari made games. Sears made some type of deal with Atari to come out with their own title names. This lasted for a few years and eventually the same title names were released for both the Atari and Sears systems. There are 3 unique titles that came out under the Sears label, Steeplechase, Stellar Track, and Submarine Commander. There are a total of 58 releases under the Sears name. There are those collectors who don't consider the 55 games that Atari put out as separate titles when counting different games they own for the 2600. This is all a matter of opinion. Most of the Sears games have both text and picture labels. The majority of titles with picture labels are viewed as the more valuable label of the title. Superman picture label is the holy grail of Sears titles, especially in its original box.

General Sears Variations

3D Tic-Tac-Toe

3D-TTT Cartridges


3D-TTT Boxes


Adventure Cartridges


Adventure Boxes

Arcade Golf

Arcade Golf Cartridges


Arcade Golf Boxes

Arcade Pinball Arcade Pinball Cartridges   Arcade Pinball Boxes
Asteroids Asteroids Cartridges   Asteroids Boxes
Backgammon Backgammon Cartridges   Backgammon Boxes
Baseball Baseball Cartridges   Baseball Boxes
Basketball Basketball Cartridges   Basketball Boxes
Berzerk Berzerk Cartridges   Berzerk Boxes
Blackjack Blackjack Cartridges   Blackjack Boxes
Bowling Bowling Cartridges   Bowling Boxes
Brain Games Brain Games Cartridges   Brain Games Boxes
Breakaway IV Breakaway IV Cartridges   Breakaway IV Boxes
Cannon Man Cannon Man Cartridges   Cannon Man Boxes
Canyon Bomber Canyon Bomber Cartridges   Canyon Bomber Boxes
Capture Capture Cartridges   Capture Boxes
Chase Chase Cartridges   Chase Boxes
Checkers Checkers Cartridges   Checkers Boxes
Circus Circus Cartridges   Circus Boxes
Codebreaker Codebreaker Cartridges   Codebreaker Boxes
Dare Diver Dare Diver Cartridges   Dare Diver Boxes
Defender Defender Cartridges   Defender Boxes
Demons to Diamonds Demons to Diamonds Cartridges   Demons to Diamonds Boxes
Dodger Cars Dodger Cars Cartridges   Dodger Cars Boxes
Football Football Cartridges   Football Boxes
Golf Golf Cartridges   Golf Boxes
Gunslinger Gunslinger Cartridges   Gunslinger Boxes
Haunted House Haunted House Cartridges   Haunted House Boxes
Math Math Cartridges   Math Boxes
Math Gran Prix Math Gran Prix Cartridges   Math Gran Prix Boxes
Maze Maze Cartridges   Maze Boxes
Maze Mania Maze Mania Cartridges   Maze Mania Boxes
Memory Match Memory Match Cartridges   Memory Match Boxes
Missile Command Missile Command Cartridges   Missile Command Boxes
Night Driver Night Driver Cartridges   Night Driver Boxes
Othello Othello Cartridges   Othello Boxes
Outer Space Outer Space Cartridges   Outer Space Boxes
Pac-Man Pac-Man Cartridges   Pac-Man Boxes
Poker Plus Poker Plus Cartridges   Poker Plus Boxes
Pong Sports Pong Spots Cartridges   Pong Sports Boxes
Race Race Cartridges   Race Boxes
Slots Slots Cartridges   Slots Boxes
Soccer Soccer Cartridges   Soccer Boxes
Space Combat Space Combat Cartridges   Space Combat Boxes
Space Invaders Space Invaders Cartridges   Space Invaders Boxes
Speedway II Speedway II Cartridges   Speedway II Boxes
Spelling Spelling Cartridges   Spelling Boxes
Star Raiders Star Raiders Cartridges   Star Raiders Boxes
Steeplechase Steeplechase Cartridges   Steeplechase Boxes
Stellar Track Stellar Track Cartridges   Stellar Track Boxes
Submarine Commander Submarine Commander Cartridges   Submarine Commander Boxes
Super Breakout Super Breakout Cartridges   Super Breakout Boxes
Superman Superman Cartridges   Superman Boxes
Tank Plus Tank Plus Cartridges   Tank Plus Boxes
Target Fun Target Fun Cartridges   Target Fun Boxes
Video Chess Video Chess Cartridges   Video Chess Boxes
Warlords Warlords Cartridges   Warlords Boxes
Yars' Revenge Yars' Revenge Cartridges   Yars' Revenge Boxes