Spider-Man Cartridges
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Spider-Man Cartridges

version a)* C       ©1982, silver picture label, CART: spring, “Spider-Man” title has black inside “D” & “E”

version b)* C      ©1982, silver picture label, CART: no spring, “Spider-Man” title has black inside “D” & “E”


NOTE: versions a & b have the same main and end labels, but the cartridge itself is different


version c) R           ©1982, silver picture label, CART: spring?, ML: “P” on top, PAL



version d)* R        ©?, grey picture label, CART: spring?, picture much more defined, “Spider-Man” title has grey inside “D” & “E”




version e)* R        ©1982, silver picture label, ML: “Parker” at top, spiral logo below that, with “Wellbekannt durch MONOPOLY” under it, main label and end label are separate, CART: square cart, grips on side, black bar on back