General Parker Brothers Variations
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Below are the Parker Brothers variations. We are showing you samples of scans so you can better understand what you are looking for. We're starting with the cartridges and sometime in the future will add boxes.

Most variations with PB games are with the mold, though there are some label variations. Above we see the various labels. On the left is the standard silver label which all games have in the average collection. The middle is a special dull grey label which I have personally never encountered. On the right is the newly listed German version, seen with the sticker above the title. So far, only a few titles have been discovered with this version, but I wouldn't doubt most if not all were released. Only time will tell.

Above is the cartridge mold variation. The one on the left is the standard mold on all cartridges. The one on the right is the Canadian version, where the company goes by Parker and it has Made in Canada below the swirl.