General Activision Variations
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Below are the various Activision variations that you may encounter. We are showing both cartridge and label variations to help you better understand what you are looking for.

Spring - below is a picture of arrows pointing to the posts that go into the Atari 2600 unit. With the Activision cartridges, there are usually both spring and non-spring versions for almost all the games. It's extremely easy to determine which version you have, just try and push it in with you finger. If it moves down, it has a spring, if it doesn't budge, it doesn't have a spring.

Foam - below are the two types of foam that came in early carts. The top has black foam, and the bottom is white (not quite white, but called it). These particular variations have a mold variation inside where the foam is. They have what are called teeth, which are extra plastic molded lines on the top and bottom. There are some variations that actually have these teeth that never had the foam inserts. Refer to the list of variations for versions with foam and/or teeth. Teeth are shown below the foam photo.

Color screen shots - below is an example of the regular non-color screen shot, and one that has color. There are several games which have color variations.

-04 text labels - below shows what are known to be the -04 text label variations. The product numbers end with a -04, thus the title given. We are showing you the blue, white, and black label text versions. Note that each has a product number in the bottom right corner of the main label. Salu versions of Activision titles, with the white label, do not have the product number, and are not considered Activision variations.

Canadian label - below is a Canadian label, which is English/French. There are a few games which have this variation.

International label - below we show 3 different versions of International labels. The first has "International Edition" on the main label, but is entirely in English. These always have product numbers that begin PAG/PAX. The middle one also has "International Edition" on the main label, but the label has 5 different languages. These always have product numbers that begin EAG/EAX. Oink on the right is also a 5 language label, but does not say "International Edition" on the main label. This version also always begins with EAG/EAX.