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20th Century Fox Games

The 20th Century Fox company is most famous for converting movies to video games. Many titles below you will recognize. There aren't too many variations with these games. Most notably is the mold variation, which you can see with the link below. Cartridges will either have the 20th Century Fox logo molded on the back of the plastic or it won't.

20th Century Fox mold variation


Alien Cartridges

Alien Boxes

Bank Heist

Bank Heist Cartridges

Bank Heist Boxes

Beany Bopper

Beany Bopper Cartridges

Beany Bopper Boxes

Crash Dive

Crash Dive Cartridges

Crash Dive Boxes

Crypts of Chaos

Crypts of Chaos Cartridges

Crypts of Chaos Boxes

Deadly Duck

Deadly Duck Cartridges

Deadly Duck Boxes

Fantastic Voyage

Fantastic Voyage Cartridges

Fantastic Voyage Boxes

Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie Cartridges

Fast Eddie Boxes

Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon Cartridges

Flash Gordon Boxes


Mash Cartridges

Mash Boxes

Mega Force

Mega Force Cartridges

Mega Force Boxes


Porky Cartridges

Porky Boxes

Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes

Revenge of Tomatoes Cartridges

Revenge of Tomatoes Boxes

Spacemaster X-7

SpaceMaster X7 Cartridges

SpaceMaster X7 Boxes

The Earth Dies Screaming

The Earth Dies Screaming Cartridges

The Earth Dies Screaming Boxes


Turmoil Cartridges

Turmoil Boxes

Worm War I

Worm War I Cartridges

Worm War I Boxes