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Atari Games

Atari made the majority of games for the Atari 7800 system. There are few variations if any for each game. Some variations are PAL only and are noted as such, others with the same label but have no other distinct characteristic will not be separated out. The black P sticker on the back of the cartridge can easily be peeled, which then the only way of determining whether or not a particular cartridge is NTSC or PAL is to test it. Only officially released games will be on this list, no prototypes or homebrews.

32-in-1 32 in 1 Cartridges 32 in 1 Manuals


Ace of Aces Ace of Aces Cartridges Ace of Aces Manuals Ace of Aces Boxes
Alien Brigade Alien Brigade Cartridges Alien Brigade Manuals Alien Brigade Boxes
Asteroids Asteroids Cartridges Asteroids Manuals Asteroids Boxes
Ballblazer Ballblazer Cartridges Ballblazer Manuals Ballblazer Boxes
Barnyard Blaster Barnyard Blaster Cartridges Barnyard Blaster Manuals Barnyard Blaster Boxes
Basketbrawl Basketbrawl Cartridges Basketbrawl Manuals Basketbrawl Boxes
Centipede Centipede Cartridges Centipede Manuals Centipede Boxes
Choplifter! Choplifter! Cartridges Choplifter! Manuals Choplifter! Boxes
Commando Commando Cartridges Commando Manuals Commando Boxes
Crack'ed Crack'ed Cartridges Crack'ed Manuals Crack'ed Boxes
Crossbow Crossbow Cartridges Crossbow Manuals Crossbow Boxes
Dark Chambers Dark Chambers Cartridges Dark Chambers Manuals Dark Chambers Boxes
Desert Falcon Desert Falcon Cartridges Desert Falcon Manuals Desert Falcon Boxes
Dig Dug Dig Dug Cartridges Dig Dug Manuals Dig Dug Boxes
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Cartridges Donkey Kong Manuals Donkey Kong Boxes
Donkey Kong Junior Donkey Kong Junior Cartridges Donkey Kong Junior Manuals Donkey Kong Junior Boxes
Fatal Run Fatal Run Cartridges Fatal Run Manuals Fatal Run Boxes
Fight Night Fight Night Cartridges Fight Night Manuals Fight Night Boxes
Food Fight Food Fight Cartridges Food Fight Manuals Food Fight Boxes
Galaga Galaga Cartridges Galaga Manuals Galaga Boxes
Hat Trick Hat Trick Cartridges Hat Trick Manuals Hat Trick Boxes
Ikari Warriors Ikari Warriors Cartridges Ikari Warriors Manuals Ikari Warriors Boxes
Impossible Mission Impossible Mission Cartridges Impossible Mission Manuals Impossible Mission Boxes
Jinks Jinks Cartridges Jinks Manuals Jinks Boxes
Joust Joust Cartridges Joust Manuals Joust Boxes
Karateka Karateka Cartridges Karateka Manuals Karateka Boxes
Mario Bros. Mario Bros. Cartridges Mario Bros. Manuals Mario Bros. Boxes
Mat Mania Challenge Mat Mania Challenge Cartridges Mat Mania Challenge Manuals Mat Mania Challenge Boxes
Mean 18 Ultimate Golf Mean 18 Ultimate Golf Cartridges Mean 18 Ultimate Golf Manuals Mean 18 Ultimate Golf Boxes
Meltdown Meltdown Cartridges Meltdown Manuals Meltdown Boxes
Midnight Mutants Midnight Mutants Cartridges Midnight Mutants Manuals Midnight Mutants Boxes
Motor Psycho Motor Psycho Cartridges Motor Psycho Manuals Motor Psycho Boxes
Ms. Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man Cartridges Ms.Pac-Man Manuals Ms. Pac-Man Boxes
Ninja Golf Ninja Golf Cartridges Ninja Golf Manuals Ninja Golf Boxes
One-on-One Basketball One-on-One Basketball Cartridges One-on-One Basketball Manuals One-on-One Basketball Boxes
Planet Smashers Planet Smashers Cartridges Planet Smashers Manuals Planet Smashers Boxes
Pole Position II Pole Position II Cartridges Pole Position II Manuals Pole Position II Boxes
Realsports Baseball Realsports Baseball Cartridges Realsports Baseball Manuals Realsports Baseball Boxes
Robotron: 2084 Robotron: 2084 Cartridges Robotron: 2084 Manuals Robotron: 2084 Boxes
Scrapyard Dog Scrapyard Dog Cartridges Scrapyard Dog Manuals Scrapyard Dog Boxes
Sentinel Sentinel Cartridges Sentinel Manuals Sentinel Boxes
Summer Games Summer Games Cartridges Summer Games Manuals Summer Games Boxes
Super Huey Super Huey Cartridges Super Huey Manuals Super Huey Boxes
Touchdown Football Touchdown Football Cartridges Touchdown Football Manuals Touchdown Football Boxes
Tower Toppler Tower Toppler Cartridges Tower Toppler Manuals Tower Toppler Boxes
Winter Games Winter Games Cartridges Winter Games Manuals Winter Games Boxes
Xenophobe Xenophobe Cartridges Xenophobe Manuals Xenophobe Boxes
Xevious Xevious Cartridges Xevious Manuals Xevious Boxes